Bonding with your baby can start as early as your first weeks of pregnancy, bonding with your baby is a very special time for you and your baby. Your babies senses will begin developing even before they are born. Your baby can hear what is going on around you and can even respond to your voice by kicking and moving around. When you sing, read and even talk to your baby in the womb they can hear you. From as early as 20 weeks gestation your baby can hear all internal sounds such as your own heartbeat. They will hear your voice and those around you and other sounds.

Singing songs to your baby is a lovely way for your baby to respond to the sound of your voice. Relax and play soothing music, you may even find that certain music you listened to during pregnancy may help to soothe baby when they are born.

Massaging and touching your bump is relaxing for you and baby and they may even respond to your touch and may start kicking back. Keep note of your babies movements and if you have any concerns during pregnancy or you noIce that movement is not the usual pattern or if baby is not responding as usual please contact your GP or your local maternity unit. Take time to relax by placing your hands on your bump and enjoy this bonding time.

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