How will I know I am pregnant? This is a question that most women will want an answer to even before their period is due.  It’s very difficult to figure out if you are pregnant before you take a pregnancy test, there are many factors to consider. Your own health, are you stressed? Are your periods regular? Are you taking antibiotics? These are all factors which can mess with your cycle.

If all the stars are alligned and you think you may be pregnant, there are a few tell tale signs that may suggest that you are.  These signs should not confirm a pregnancy but may give you a little clue.

1. Missed period, particularly if you are regular, this is the most obivious sign and can be confirmed by a pregnancy test taken first thing in the morning when your HCG is at its highest (Human chorionic gonadotropin - now you know why we only use the initials). This is a hormone which is produced by the cells that surround a growing embyro and the level of HCG increases every day that you are pregnant.  This hormone can be detected in urine and blood.  This hormone only develops in a womans body when they are pregnant.

2. Sore breasts can be an early indication that you are pregnant but be aware that sore breasts usually happen during ovulation.  This can only be used as an early sign of pregnancy if the soreness and tenderness happens at least 12 days after ovulation.

3. Tiredness or fatigue can be a factor as the progesterone levels are rising and cause tiredness.

4.  Spotting happens when a fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, this usually occurs 10-14 days after conception.  It can be confused with an early period and can go unnoticed as a pregnancy.

5. Cramping can happen while your body is adapting to the all the changes and is associated with the onset of a period but discomfort and cramping can also happen during very early stages of pregnancy.

As you can see its very difficult to be definitive on wheather you are actually pregnant and this may not be confirmed until you actually miss a period and take a pregnancy test.  I am not pregnant and while I have been typing this out I am actually experiencing all the above symptoms, so really its quite difficult.  The most important thing is that you know your body, you know your cycle and you know when to go to a medical professional.

Good luck with your journey 

Le Grá,


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