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Back to Work Consultation

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Going back to work after having a significant time off to bond with your baby is very daunting. Is it something you realistically want to do? Is it something you have to do?

We can advise you on what options are available to you in relation to childcare, the grants available and how to apply.

Did you know every single child is entitled to something off their childcare costs no matter the income of the parent?  

What type of childcare will suit your family? When does the grant scheme start? What is wrap-around care? What age do creches take children? What is an after-school service and how do I apply? How do I apply? Are there waiting lists for creches? When should I put my child's name down? What is the best childcare service in my area? How to become organised when I go back to work?

These are just some of the questions we can help you answer.

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